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Curb Your Dog

Curb Your Dog

County leash laws require all pet owners to clean up after their pets. Please be respectful of your neighbor’s property and curb your dog.

Help Stop Crime

Crime Prevention - What you can do

Report any suspicious activity in your area to the police non-emergency number, 703-691-2131. Call 911 for crime in progress.

How to Prevent Home Burglaries

  • DO make your home look like you’re there. Lights turned off and on by timers give your home a "lived in look" when you’re away.
  • DO have good locks. A high-quality, one-inch deadbolt lock on every outside door is a basic requirement.
  • DON’T leave your home unlocked, even for a brief trip to the store or a visit to the neighbor. Many homes have been burglarized in just such short periods of time.
  • DON’T hide a key outside your home. Leave the extra key with a trusted neighbor or friend.
  • DON’T put a name or address tag on your house or car keys. That’s an open invitation to an unwelcome visitor should you ever lose your keys.
  • DO plug a radio into a timer set to go on when you’re away. Set the radio to an all-talk station, leave the volume low, and give a would-be burglar the impression you’re talking to someone. Light and noise are burglars’ worst enemies.
  • DO have a free home security inspection

REMEMBER: A thief wants to take the path of least resistance.

Lamp Posts

Working Lightbulbs are your Friends

Remember! Even though the daylight is longer during the summer and your yard light is out, let's get a new bulb installed or fix any electrical issues. For your safety and your neighbors safety.

Parking Reminders

Parking Reminders

As a reminder, we want to inform everyone again that parking along our neighborhood streets (not pipe stems) follows the regulations of VDOT.  As such, you are free to park anywhere as long as you are parallel to the curb and not blocking driveways or fire hydrants.

There are no “reserved” spots along our public streets.  If you are having a party or guests to your home, it might be helpful to advise your neighbors in advance that more cars than normal will be on the street.

Weeds and Plants

Weeds and Plants Reminders

If you notice weeds/plants in your yard that are growing over parts of the perimeter fence, we would be grateful if you would cut them and remove them. It is not mandatory as it is a community fence, but it would greatly reduce the maintenance costs we incur when we have to repair the fence.





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